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Our Pharmacovigilance department specializes in the implementation and optimization of customized PV systems. Together with you, we develop individual solutions to set-up the optimal PV system tailored to your company size/product portfolio. Our pharmacovigilance team also helps you to manage and monitor all routine safety aspects of your medicinal product(s). The aim of pharmacovigilanceis the […]
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Regulatory support

Nowadays, out-sourcing is a very effective solution. Many Healthcare companies whether pharmaceutical or Medical device companies are outsourcing their Regulatory Affairs function when it comes to the Middle East and Africa region. Not only does this ensure smooth operations but it can also mean less risk and less costs. After the expenditure and effort of […]
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Regulatory Affairs Training

MERAS organizes pharmaceutical regulatory affairs training courses, webinars and conferences as well as in-house training tailored to clients’ needs. Our courses cover pharma and medical devices. We Develop up to date content that covers the regulatory environment within the region. Our courses are designed to provide you with the required knowledge of regulatory affairs to […]
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Market Access

In MERAS, we explore and analyse market access opportunities tailored to the product, enabling our client to enter the target market in the middle east before / without registration whenever this is relevant and applicable. In addition, after understanding our customers market, MERAS studies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that might face our client […]
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Documentation and Archiving

MERAS establishes and maintains efficient Regulatory Databases, archiving systems  and documents management system that are aligned with international standards, thus fulfils the client’s need and facilitates retrieving documentation and data.
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Labeling and Artwork

MERAS provides Arabic containing label that complies with the requirements in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region in the shortest possible time and with best quality. As a critical aspect of product life-cycle management, labeling is one of the complex processes of life sciences’ Regulatory environment. Due to constantly evolving Regulatory requirements, organizations must […]
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Regulatory Documents Review

MEA regulatory procedures differ significantly. Responses to Health Authorities need a deep understanding of those procedures as well as HAs expectations which is one of the strengths that our experts have. Our experts have deep understanding of the regulatory documents needed by regulatory authorities in Middle East and Africa region.  MERAS applies a thorough review […]
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Distributor Management

International Healthcare companies do face challenges in their relationship with distributors in the Middle East and Africa region. MERAS provides consulting services to companies regarding distributor performance, with some minor modifications you can ensure that you can increase revenues and profit margins.   MERAS Supports in: Creating a distributor SWOT analysis and route to market plan […]
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Regulatory Strategy

MERAS provides tailored strategic guidance to achieve the best possible outcome by evaluating the different regulatory procedures available and how they apply to your product. Getting the regulatory strategy right from the beginning is the key to ensure optimum results and bringing your products to market. Our experts besides having years of experience in the […]
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Regulatory Intelligence

MERAS provides regulatory intelligence that allows you to stay up to date with the dynamic and challenging regulatory environment in the Middle East and Africa region. MERAS engages with clients throughout the product development and the registration process. This continuity of relationship builds trust and a deep understanding of the product and future strategy with […]
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