Market Access

In MERAS, we explore and analyze market access opportunities tailored to the product, enabling our client to enter the target market in the middle east before / without registration whenever this is relevant and applicable.

In addition, after understanding our customers market, MERAS studies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that might face our client and present SWOT analysis, as well as doing an extensive market research, conduct a market analysis, put a marketing strategy and a business plan to ensure a right market access for the client’s product and to avoid any barriers to market entry . Therefore, we give a competitive advantage to our potential customers.

By gaining an understanding of clients’ commercial needs, the key decision makers and route to market, we, together with our partners, are able to recommend market access solutions to help our clients bring their products efficiently to market.

MERAS has extensive knowledge of the legislative and regulatory landscapes which controls the promotion of products across the varying sectors, be that medicine, device, food, cosmetic or general product. We are here to help and provide guidance and technical support. We do this skilfully and swiftly to ensure your brand has the best chance of commercial success.

From pricing and reimbursement strategy to submission to the Authorities, we provide flexible solutions to meet your company’s needs. 

Our services

  • Strategic consultancy for pricing and reimbursement
  • Recommendation on reimbursement and pricing strategy
  • Expertise through the complete reimbursement process: new drugs and extension of indications or reassessment

The hard work you’ve put in does not stop once you are ready to launch a product. Your team continues to work to build market share and product availability across all the relevant sectors. Market Access knowledge is a critical factor for achieving this commercial success.

While marketing authorization became more and more centralized, we envisioned have different guidelines  based on their local regulations, policies, framework, social values and available health care budget. For success and local implementation, local specialists are needed. The local country specific aspects need to be understood to achieve market access and to implement the actual marketing of the medicines within local stakeholder systems.